Friday, April 11, 2014

The Venus Factor Review - Is It Really So Great?

Hello there, my name is Emma and I just wanted to tell you about this program that I tried a few months ago, called The Venus Factor.

My Story

Probably like every woman out there, I had never really been satisfied with my body. I used to have those maybe 25, sometimes 30 extra pounds and I had always wanted to get rid of them. But the problem was, that whenever I managed to lose some weight, all those pounds came back right away within a few weeks and that was both annoying and depressing. And then I became frustrated and when I am frustrated, I eat even more, so instead of actually losing pounds, I gained some extra. Amazing really.

Feel free to watch the full presentation, it's really helpful
Feel Free To Watch This Official Presentation, It's Really Helpful

A few months back, like 5 or 6 maybe, I decided that it's the right time to shed some weight once again. In the past I had tried maybe 7 or 8 weight loss systems and most of them really worked well, but as I said, pounds always came back, so I thought  that there has to be some different system, which can actually prevent this weight gain. I mean spending hours a week in a gym and eating horrible food just to get the pounds back within a few weeks? Well, there has to be something different, I thought.

How I Found It

So one evening I started searching the Internet for a possible solution and I came across a few new systems, but I found one that really caught my eye. As you probably suspect, it was The Venus Factor diet. It looked really great, but when it comes to buying anything over the Internet, I am always skeptical. So first I went through many Venus Factor reviews and these reviews were really positive, but it takes more than a few Venus Factor reviews to convince me.

However what convinced me in the end, was that Venus Factor diet comes with this unconditional 60 day money back guarantee. That means, that whenever you won't like it for some reason or if it somehow won't work for you, then you can ask for a refund and get your money back. So I had really nothing to lose.

So What Is The Venus Factor?

Venus Factor diet is based on this so called "leptin". It's not a supplement or anything, it's actually a hormone, which is naturally produced in our bodies. It does one really important thing and that is, that it tells your brain to stop eating. It may sound weird, but it really does make you stop eating. So this way it basically regulates your metabolism and your calorie income.

And now comes the reason why you and I and many other women had issues to lose weight. And that's because we are leptin resistant. That means, that we actually have leptin inside our bodies, but we are unable to use and thus our metabolism slows down. Easy as that. And this leptin resistance develops even further after the kids, which was especially my case. So we can try however hard we want, but we won't be able to lose any pounds due to leptin resistance.

But Can We Do Anything About It?

Well of course we can, because Venus Factor teaches you exactly that. How to produce and use leptin once again and make your metabolism super fast. It takes around 12 weeks to finish the program and it's divided into 3 phases. I've never really been good at math, but that's 4 weeks per phase I believe.

Here you can see the results achieved by the system
Results Achieved By The System
These phases are of course further divided into individual steps, which is pretty awesome, because it makes Venus Factor diet super easy to follow. Also, I forgot to mention, that The Venus Factor is an online program. And that's pretty great, because first of all, you don't have to wait for weeks until you receive it, you don't have to pay extra for shipping and for printing expenses and of course, you can start with the program right away.

The Venus Factor is easy to understand and even easier to follow. Forget about some fancy medical vocabulary or something like that, everyone can understand it without any problems. Also forget about expensive diets with disgusting food and also forget about wasting your time and money on expensive gyms. All that is required of you is 30 minutes of exercise per session and 3 sessions a week. And that's it. plus exercises aren't hard at all. 

Also forget about super restrictive diets too. With a few exceptions here and there you can eat pretty much whatever you want. But you definitely won't starve and you won't have to eat only salad or some other crappy foods. If it sounds too good to you, then remember, that it's not about working harder, but about working smarter. Even your body can be cheated to actually lose weight.

One more thing that's really awesome about this program is, that with the program you will get an access to this awesome community of other women, who are also trying to lose weight with The Venus Factor. And it's great, because you can find a motivation here in case that you are lost or lazy. It's really supportive and I found a few good friends here too.

So Does The Venus Factor Work?

I finished the program in 12 weeks and I was able to lose around 25 extra pounds. I was pretty lazy to be honest, so it could be even more, or maybe I will just repeat the whole process once again, so don't be lazy as me and you will see even better results.
I feel much better now, I am super energetic, optimistic, more confident and I look so much better than before. And it's been 3 months and not a single pound has returned, so I am pretty positive that it will also stay this way. And all this thanks to Venus Factor.

So if you also want to lose some weight, then there's a link below this Venus Factor review, which will take you to the official website, so definitely check it out, it's completely worth it. Give it a try and you will see great results. So thanks for reading this short testimonial and I hope that you will have even better results as I did. Good luck and bye.